At the Parkway, we are proud to work with the organisation Purple Tuesday which strives to make shopping experiences better for people with disabilities.

Since we began working with them over two years ago, we have implemented different initiatives to help make the centre more accessible for all our community. Sensory Sundays was launched as an opportunity for people with autism to shop in a quieter environment, wheelchairs are available to loan for free from the security office and we also run a free Community Bus service to ensure accessibility for the wider community.

With mask wearing becoming a prominent feature of everyday life, we considered the impact that this would have on the deaf and hard of hearing within our community and so we have enrolled the Parkway Team onto a British Sign Language course. We hope to be able to learn some basic sign language to be able to communicate with the deaf community more effectively and provide them with support.

We were delighted with the response of our staff, with many jumping at the opportunity to learn this new skill.

We are excited to share in the future some of the results from our training and hopefully maybe teach a few simple phrases to our followers on social media! If you are also interested in learning this skill, you can visit for more information about how you can start your own virtual course.

We are always looking for feedback on how we can improve our accessibility here at the Parkway. If you have any suggestions, please leave some in the comments below, send us a message via our social media or email at [email protected]